About US

About Us

Who we are
Cairo Film School is an Educational Foundation concerns about teaching filmmakers how to get the best out of the modern production tools to make professional low budget movies. 

Our Motivation
Because the future of cinema is so bright. And for the very first time in the history of the art form, movies really can be made for very little money. This was unheard before, and extremely low budget movies have always been the exception rather than the rule. Now, it’s the reverse. You can get beautiful images with affordable cameras. You can record sound. You can edit and mix and color-correct at home. This has all come to pass.


With all the attention paid to the machinery of making movies and to the advances in technology that have led to this revolution in moviemaking, there is one important thing to remember : the tools don’t make the movie, you make the movie. that's why we hope to make a bridge between independent filmmakers and professionals working in the industry. which encourage our students to make low budget movies with good quality like we see on the big screen.