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Making of Documentary
Documentary is the art of simulating the reality. There are many ways to tell a story in Documentary. but the hardest question is “ from where do I start?”.  the curriculum is discussing the various ways of documentary film. and you’ll learn the different ways of storytelling. which you can use in your film.

instructor : Nadine Salib

Study Plan:

  1. the different methods of storytelling in Documentary.

  2. how to develop an Idea/ subject into a film. and choosing the suitable structure for it.

  3. how to use the film techniques in the documentary.

  4. the connection between Script-writing & Editing in documentary.

  5. creating the Idea, the treatment and the brief.

  6. the stages of the Documentary from pre-production, Production till the distribution.

  7. production management and how to get fund for your film.

  8. Fundamentals of cinematography in documentary.

  9. Fundamentals of Editing & color correction/grading in documentary.

  10. Fundamentals of sound Engineering and mixing.


Also there’ll be sessions with professionals of the industry in
( cinematography - Editing - Fundraising - Sound )

the workshop will be divided to 3 teams, each team will work on a documentary.


Duration : 4 Months

Sessions : Saturdays From 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Attendees : Only 10 seats

Tuition : 3000 EGP


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  • Duration
    4 Months
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  • Tution
    3000 EGP