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in his book in scriptwriting and Drama “ The Story” - Robert Mckee tried to tell us that beginners trying to write based on their experiences. they think the films they’ve watched and the life they’ve lived gave them something to tell. maybe this is something vital but it is not enough. for many writers the knowledge they gain from reading and study is much wider than life experiences. knowing yourself is the key.”


Course curriculum:

  1.  Fundamentals of Storytelling

  2. where do stories come from?

  3. the environment. Drama and the film Genre.

  4. Characters.

  5. Conflict.

  6. the plot.

  7. Structure.

  8. the writers tools.

  9. treatment.

    Course Duration: 3 months

    Session: 4 Hrs Every Saturday

    Tution: 3000 EGP


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  • Duration
    3 Months
  • Students
  • Tution
    3000 EGP