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Mohamed AlHajj is an Egyptian screenplay writer Born in Bolaq Al dakrror in west Giza. on an early age Mohamed began to figure out his passion towards writing. and start writing his first novel by the age Eleven. 

on 2006 he started to get into the internet blogs. with other two of his friends they started a blog interested in Cinema later it became one of the biggest blogs about cinema in the Arab world. one year later he started writing his first short film. after a short time he wrote the second film “ Atef” with his friend Editor: Emad Maher on 2009.

After making “Atef” the movie. Director Ayten Amin offered him to write her first feature movie “ Villa 69” 

which won several grants. after that it won several national and international awards.

 on 2011 he traveled to Jordan to do his masters in fine arts at The Red Sea institute for cinema. but he decided to drop out after the first year.


Mohamed is working now on his book. and many other projects for the screen.